How to Make Appetizing Taco Salad

How to Make Appetizing Taco Salad

Taco Salad.
Easy Healthy Taco Salad Recipe With Ground Beef – If you’re looking for how to make an easy taco salad recipe, try this low carb, healthy taco salad with ground beef. A taco salad is a Tex-Mex dish that combines ingredients used in Tex-Mex tacos. This Taco Salad is quick, flavorful, hearty, a total breeze to make and it’s a dinner everyone can agree on both young and old alike!

Taco Salad

This Taco Salad recipe is everyone’s’ favorite ground beef (or turkey!) tacos in salad form.

It’s bursting with bold, satisfying Tex-Mex flavors and layers of fresh, creamy, crunchy textures.

Taco Salad is a great and easy side dish to bring to your next cookout, party, or potluck, or even to just serve for dinner!

You can cook Taco Salad using 7 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Taco Salad

  1. You need 1 lb. of Taco meat your favorite.
  2. You need 2 of corn tortillas fried.
  3. You need of Cabbage thinly sliced.
  4. You need of Tomato.
  5. Prepare of Avocado.
  6. You need of Sharp cheddar cheese.
  7. You need of Plain Greek yogurt or sour cream.

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This Taco Salad recipe is made with ground beef, chopped lettuce and all your favorite toppings, including nacho-flavored Doritos tortilla chips!

This Taco Salad recipe is the absolute best!

Like all salad recipes, this one is great to play with.

instructions Taco Salad

  1. Cook the taco meat. My preference whether beef/chicken/pork/turkey is cumin heavy and spicy. When I make it out ground turkey I mix the spices in a food processor with oil, apple cider vinegar and taco bell mild sauce. Then I mix that into the turkey and let sit in the fridge for a minimum of an hour. When cooking I have the skillet on medium high to keep from getting that weird juicy white fat stuff and also use a can of green chilies..

  2. Fry the corn tortillas.

  3. Slice the cabbage, tomatoes and avocados. I used cabbage in place of lettuce to make this more of a hearty dish plus I like the flavor combo. Also with it being extra filling you can skip refried beans, saving some dishes to do on a weeknight is also great!.

  4. Load the bowl with the cabbage then top with the taco meat. This will lightly soften the cabbage. Load up the rest of the toppings and don’t forget the fried tortilla on the side..

Swap in the veggies you have on hand or adjust the toppings to make something you really love.

What makes this taco salad so darn good is that it holds up to even the most elaborate restaurant So here’s the very best dressing you can make for taco salad: a mixture of sour cream, salsa, lime juice.

Is taco salad good for you?

Taco salads are often mistakenly considered healthy by virtue of being called a salad.

In reality, beef, cheese, dressing and tortilla chips do add extra calories and carbs.


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